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TUnIS Navigation MTLaserTotalstation

The expert system allows precise and efficient navigation of curved and long-distance drives.

Based on the principle of invariance, the horizontal and vertical position of the TBM is determined by a laser total station in conjunction with several reference and target prisms and an electronic target unit inside the TBM. The laser total station is permanently installed in the pipeline, and moves forward together with the pipes being pushed in while advancing. An inclination sensor integrated in the electronic target unit measures pitch and roll of the machine.
The system is drift and refraction-independent. TUnIS Navigation MTLaserTotalstation requires 50% less control measurements than the gyro-based all-rounder system, and these control measurements are much easier to carry out thanks to the new “Quick Check” option.
Further advantages are the automatic as-built measurement of the excavated tunnel, which provide an indication of the displayed TBM position quality and permanently monitors tunnel movements during advance.
Since this system requires installations and line of sight in the front section of the tunnel, its use for diameters smaller than 1600mm must be technically evaluated in advance.