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Ring Convergence Measurement System RCMS

Clients do not always request an automatic convergence measurement – but it is almost always sensible.

In a tunnelling project, strong forces act on the installed rings, which can lead to larger or smaller deformations of the rings. Convergence measurements make it possible to recognise and evaluate the extent of such deformations. The earlier that unexpectedly large deformations are recognised, the faster counter actions can be undertaken if necessary. On the other hand, if the convergences are lower than expected, certain measures and the associated costs might be able to be saved.

In contrast to manually operated measurements, the measurement intervals are significantly shorter with an automatic convergence measurement. The data as well as their evaluation can be provided almost in real-time.

Quickly ready for use, wireless, small and reusable

Measurement can start immediately after a ring is finished with measurement results being available without delay between measurement and evaluation.

RCMS needs no cables. All components communicate wirelessly. The sensors used do not even require an external current supply as they already have it on board. The RCMS sensors are also so small and light that they can be attached to the segment using an adhesive that can be released later. No time-wasting drilling and screwing, no damage to the segment surface and during their use they are not an annoying obstacle due to their small size.

Other VMT products calculate the optimum ring sequence and monitor the ring planarity as well as centred ring installation in the tailskin.