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Monitor Process

To guarantee the safety of people and equipment in the building of underground infrastructures and to ensure a consistently high construction quality, it is essential that all processes are continuously monitored. Similarly, surface buildings and infrastructures must also be monitored and protected.

1_large_diameter_tunnellingThe permanent tracking of people and vehicles and the continuous checking of target and actual values on site can effectively prevent, or at least greatly minimise, safety risks and quality deterioration.

The VMT Monitoring products, for example, monitor the tiniest changes in the geometry or position of segment rings. The continuous, detailed comparison of target and actual values not only guarantees the quality of the structure but also improves the economic efficiency of the processes as countermeasures can then be implemented specifically and promptly in the event of undesirable developments.

Our systems monitor surface buildings and existing infrastructures for deformation. They also reliably record structural changes caused by nearby building measures, however small the deviation may be.