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December 2013

Roadheader project in Sydney | Australia

With the North Strathfield Rail Underpass project, new connections for freight trains will be built. VMT takes part with a SLS-Roadheader system.

Customer profits from VMT hardware-improvement in the field of Conventional Tunnelling. Our control boxes connect all VMT system components and convert sensor and total station data to PC-readable data. Contrary, they convert PC commands to requested formats of components. For North Strathfield Rail Underpass, we first delivered a control box with integrated PC after considerably tests.

In utilization, it means that Roadheader can be navigated via tablet PC outside of the machine. This is a great help for the driver cause control can be done from a save position at jobsite.

In total, 2,4 km new track are built and 850 m excisting track modernized.

2013 North Strathfield Rail Underpass map