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The extraction of raw materials is becoming increasingly important for our industrial society. Growth of the global population and increased standards of living have led to greater demand for raw materials. 

The prices in the raw material industry are rising. It is important that exploration and production in mines will become more efficient. Building the mines’ infrastructure is increasingly becoming automated by means of machine boring technology. Through mechanisation, “drill and blast” technology will more and more take a back seat.

Since raw material deposits are found in ever increasing depths, solutions for below ground exploration of mines are being searched for and developed. This is implemented using mechanical advance for shafts and tunnels (e.g. declines, haulages).

Respective prototypes have already been in use. Initial projects have revealed that VMT is able to handle not only horizontally but also vertically operating machines. For this purpose, the existing proven technology is adapted to mining requirements. Our team attends projects and develops new solutions for existing challenges as necessary – VMT is ready to attend a new, emerging business!