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March 2024

Widening its application to smaller diameters: SDS goes Microtunnelling!

What counts among the best ways to find out if a system is really smart? We know it from our maths lessons: Change the requirements or transfer it to another application.

This is exactly what we have done with our tried-and-tested SDS system:
Together with our ambitious, future-orientated customer Röser Firmengruppe – Betonfertigteile, we quickly turned the Segment Documentation System into a Pipe Documentation System
On their premises in Steißlingen (D) and the tunnelling site in Switzerland, the company applies SDS for documenting and steering the production and installation of DN 1,000/DN 1,200 mm pipe elements.

What was the purpose of this “switch”?

  • Advancing digitalisation in the field of pipe jacking.
  • Increasing process reliability.
  • Setting up a system that can easily be used for new projects with the same hardware, just matching the software.

When adapting our SDS to pipe production, the main challenge was to understand the technical details and to reconcile these with the system. Thanks to our visits to the precast factory and the in-depth exchange of knowledge with the customer, this was surprisingly easy.

We are delighted to support our customers in the area of digitalisation and to expand the scope of our SDS.