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February 2024

Did you know that TBMs in microtunnelling have recently started to have eyes?

What sounds like a science fiction movie is in fact a groundbreaking innovation for projects with small and even non-accessible diameters.

The pain point: precise navigation surveying of TBMs excavating longer or curved small-diameter drives.
So far, it has been necessary to calibrate the gyro navigation system through time-consuming manual measurements at frequent intervals. The most significant issue: very small diameters in direct pipe projects where an access of the pipe is impossible.

The solution: Camera-based next-level control survey automation.

For the first time, our recent development called TUnIS.pipelight makes it possible to carry out control surveys in non-accessible curved drives. The system’s mode of operation is based on a completely innovative technology using compact camera sensors to monitor LED light points – with impressing benefits:

  • Significant reduction in costs and construction time: The number of intermediate shafts can be significantly reduced
  • Considerable decrease in downtime for accessible direct pipe jobs: Automated control measurements take a maximum of 30 minutes instead of several hours.
  • Increased daily output and maximum occupational safety

We are looking forward to a new era in microtunnelling, and you?