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June 2024

Efficient segment production for 18km metro tunnel

Cairo Metro Line 4 serves as the crucial link connecting 6 October City and New Cairo to the broader Metro network.

This line plays a vital role in providing transportation services to densely populated areas and is anticipated to accommodate a daily ridership of 2 million passengers.

Comprising 18 km of tunnels and 17 stations, production of the approx. 100,000 concrete segments for tunnel lining has been divided between 4 contractors: Petrojet, Concord, Hassan Allam and Arab Contractors.
To ensure an efficient and reliable segment production for the mega project, all of the four companies use – besides other Herrenknecht and VMT equipment – our proven Segment Documentation System SDS.

Our project engineer Muhammad Sohail Mustafa recently visited the production plants.

What was his impression of the use of the SDS system on site? What is particularly important to the production teams?

  • Quality management:
    A combined length of more than 2.4 km has been built so far with over 1500 rings installed using SDS to manage and follow the complete life cycle of every single segment from production to installation in the tunnel.
  • Creation of expertise:
    The construction site teams attach great importance to thorough instruction in working with the SDS system. In our opinion, a very good investment!
  • Utilisation of synergies:
    Partnering with their subcontractor ECPC, Hassan Allam and Concord are sharing the SDS server as well as the production facility and crew.

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