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Automatisches Schildschwanzluft-Messsystem SLuM

Ring construction is a crucial step in mechanical tunneling with segmental lining. In order to optimally install a segment ring, the current position and orientation of the TBM as well as the position of the last ring built must be taken into account. SLuM increases the efficiency and quality of the ring building process because the system measures the ring position in relation to the tail axis with millimeter precision and fully automatically.

In order to determine the ideal ring position in the tunnel, SLuM automatically determines the space available in the shield area and ensures that the rings are installed centrally.

In conjunction with the VMT ring assembly calculation, the system optimizes the ring building process, taking into account the ring design, the shield tail clearance, the cylinder extension and the machine travel. This prevents damage to the inside and outside of the segments and to the shield itself.

If the VMT product SDS is also used in a project , it can be ensured that both the availability of the various ring types and their current order and delivery status can be called up on the TBM at any time.

Product data sheet
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