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September 2023

Two continents, two stages, one highlight.

On Thursday, September 14, 2023, we will unveil our groundbreaking TUnIS.pipelight system, ringing in a new era in microtunneling.

This milestone will be presented at two simultaneous events:

  • At the Project Dialogue in Ettlingen, Germany, our annual gathering and established platform for the German-speaking microtunnelling community, Jürgen Göckel will provide an in-depth exploration of the system’s features and advantages.
  • Across the globe, at No-Dig Down Under in Brisbane, Mathew Jarvis, the Director of our Australian subsidiary, will deliver a keynote speech on “Control, Survey, and Automation for Complex Microtunnelling.”.

What makes TUnIS.pipelight so revolutionary?
Join us at No-Dig Down Under or connect directly with Jürgen Göckel or Mathew Jarvis to discover the transformative potential of TUnIS.pipelight.