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Oktober 2023

Experience a new era of tunnel visualisation with “3D.ON”!

We’re thrilled to unveil VMT’s 3D tunnel model, our latest Herrenknecht.Connected module offering a stunning visualisation of your tunnel project. With our “3D.ON” module, the power of combined data takes center stage.

Key Features:

  • Ring and Segment Visualisation: See rings and segments in their spatial arrangement, providing a tangible impression of ring construction sequence.
  • Alignment Discrepancy Display: Easily visualise deviations between planned and built tunnel axes, as well as discrepancies in ring sequencing.
  • Segment Damages Integration: Visualise and manage damages of individual segments with production information, plus an optional link to the SDS segment history.
  • Points of Interest (POI): Mark significant points within the tunnel, akin to setting landmarks on Google Maps. Add, edit, or delete comments and photos related to a specific ring and segment.
  • Seamless Data Connectivity: Benefit from the combination of navigation and ringbuild data linked to sensor values plus segment production records for comprehensive insights.
  • IFC Export: Convert 3D.ON data into IFC files, enhancing your Building Information Modelling (BIM) process for a more comprehensive view of your tunnel construction within the broader building ecosystem.

Attracted? Contact Nico Rosenbusch – he’ll be delighted to provide you more info about “3D.ON”!