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Januar 2020

Albvorland Tunnel – Connecting Alb to Stuttgart

The Albvorland Tunnel is 8.1 km long and is part of Section 2.1 A/B of the Alb Foothills Connection to Stuttgart Rail Node project and comprises a twin bore of two single-track tunnels running almost on the same level. The site is part of one of the largest construction projects currently underway in Germany. (mehr …)

Oktober 2019

VMT auf der STUVA 2019

Die STUVA gibt uns noch einmal die Gelegenheit, mit unseren Kunden und Partnern auf 25 Jahre VMT anzustoßen, die gemeinsame Vergangenheit Revue passieren zu lassen, aber vor allem zusammen in die Zukunft zu schauen. (mehr …)

Oktober 2019

Fildertunnel Final Holing after over Four Years of Tunnelling

The S21 Stuttgart–Ulm rail project involves the complete restructuring of the Stuttgart rail hub plus the construction of a new line between Wendlingen and Ulm. It is the largest upgrading project for public rail transport in Baden-Württemberg region since the 19th century and is currently one of the largest construction projects in Germany.
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September 2019

Keeping the Nice Sea Outfall Straight and True

The construction of a new sewage tunnel in Nice, France required a sea outfall to be installed using a tunnelling procedure. Using microtunnelling the sea outfall was designed as a 482 m long installation running along a straight route, holing out on the seabed some 450 m from the shoreline.

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