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April 2024

Today marks our 30th anniversary!

As we reflect individually on this milestone, questions arise: Have we achieved our goals? Where do we stand? What does the future hold?

As a company, we celebrate the many individuals who have shaped our success:

  • Our Employees
    “We take care of things until everything is up and running smoothly on the construction site”. This unwavering commitment, inspired by our founder Manfred Messing, binds us as the VMT family. Together, we get through difficult situations, celebrate victories, and embody the typical VMT spirit that we hope will persist for the next 30 years!
  • Our Customers
    In our 2,700 successful tunneling projects worldwide, our customers provide opportunities, challenges, and daily reliance on our equipment and services. Through collaborative partnerships globally, we strive to improve each day.
  • Our Group
    As part of the Herrenknecht Group, our portfolio has expanded over 30 years, evolving from the first micromachine control system to a leading provider in navigation technology, production and logistics management, process monitoring, and data management in tunneling.

  • We also apply our expertise in industrial surveying: Our colleagues in Industrial Metrology, @VMT GmbH – Industrial Measurement Solution, are passionate about creating customised automation solutions and providing precision equipment for manufacturing processes in many exciting sectors.

    Returning to our initial questions:

    • Our goals evolve with our tasks. Have we achieved them? Our customers are the true judges.
    • Now, at a crucial juncture, we aim to create innovative underground structures for a sustainable future. With unshakeable commitment, we will continue to contribute to this mission.

    Cheers to the next 30 years of success!