New U-Bahn Line in Karlsruhe

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12 years in the making: The New U-Bahn Line in Karlsruhe

No alternative text description for this imageAs we kick off the year and look forward to the next twelve months, we’re celebrating the completion of a project that’s been twelve years in the making: the new U-Bahn line in Karlsruhe. Consisting of a light rail tunnel, an above-ground track and an additional tunnel for road traffic, the so called “Kombilösung” (combined solution) is one of the biggest transportation projects in Baden-Württemberg to date.

With Karlsruhe right on our doorstep, it was a fantastic opportunity for our staff who work “behind the scenes” (i.e. not on the jobsite!) to get up close and personal with one of our projects. We’re proud to have played a role in this great project – a true example of people moving people. Congratulations to everyone involved!