ハロー (Konnichiwa) from VMT

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We are busy all around the globe. And even more so since we made it to Japan.

More than 9000 km away from home, our Ring Convergence Measurement System (RCMS) has been in action beginning of this year in the town of Himeji, being the first VMT solution ever used in Japan. Our client MAEDA uses our RCMS to monitor the segments of a curvy water tunnel project. This 1.3 km long tunnel with a diameter of 3.84 m, will only be the start of our adventures in Japan. And although some translation apps had to be used for the communication in our first outings in Himeji, we already feel home in Japan.

More information about Ring Convergence Measurement System RCMS can be found here: vmt-innovations.com

The UK has always been a pioneer in mechanised tunnel construction. Owners as well as construction companies are not only open but are demanding innovative solutions outright.


And “High Speed Two (HS2)” is not only the most important European infrastructure project ongoing but the hot spot for new technologies and product innovations.

That’s why we didn’t only show up with a wide range of our established product solutions, but we also brought along our youngest innovations:

Want to know more about these youngest offsprings? Our colleagues, Jonatan Marcos and Florian Werres will tell you!