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Modular System for automated Deformation Monitoring MODUS

Every construction project measure intervenes directly or in-directly in the soil structure and static and dynamic stresses act on every building. To identify potential hazards at an early stage and take countermeasures before serious damage occurs, deformation monitoring is the most effective measure. For this reason its use is contractually stipulated by the clients or insurers today: both during the construction phase and during the later operation of the building.

MODUS is a VMT system solution for deformation monitoring with focus on automated geodetic monitoring. MODUS consists of hardware and software components; consulting and service complement the system to a complete solution.

Powerful deformation monitoring places high requirements not only on the hardware and software used. The design and planning of system components (data communication, power supply, etc.) as well as the simulation of the deformation network also require special technical knowledge and a great deal of experience.

MODUS represents a modular, scalable system solution for efficient and effective deformation monitoring. Experience in the handling of real-time data and system control over the past decade has influenced its development sustainably and constructively.