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February 2015

Advancement of HADES | HADES Control Centre HCC with the first use on BA40

During the past months we have focused on the advancement of our communication and safety system HADES. We are working on software which displays and monitors all HADES-modules in one screen surface.

So far for each HADES-Module existed an own software, which displayed the results in minimized form. We can now also offer to our customer the complete solution with HADES Control Centre HCC.

2014-11-27_121636Together with the company Zühlke, a service provider in product and software engineering with over 8.000 projects experience, we developed the basic architecture of the HCC. Now the first module, the HDAES tracking, is integrated. The HCC is a web application in the Intranet. A software installation on the computer of the user is not necessary.



2014-10-27 12.17.34The first use of the HCC is currently on the Emscher waste water sewer BA 40 project the Bottrop and Oberhausen, Germany. In the tender of BA 40 there are set high requirements on safety and a requirement for a tracking solution. In an emergency case or fire drill, the fire brigade and the site management should recognize to the nearest meter, which personnel and vehicles are still in the tunnel, so they can start specific rescue procedures. Due to the positive cooperation in the past on the Emscher site, the customer made also the decision for VMT to manage this task. In the HCC indicates the total number on personnel and vehicles as well as each single position including. name, phone number and tunnel meter. This is realized by tags, which each employee keeps with him and thus can be tracked automatically.


20141127_110009As well the HCC monitors the HADES-Hardware and shows the system status: Are the component connected with the system and active? So it is possible to take corrective action and rectify any anomaly.



20141127_120755Furthermore we are currently able to connect all data of the site (machine PC, video camera on the machine, band-conveyor PC, gas sensors, etc.) by Plug & Play to the HADES-Units, collect them over an optical fibre line and provide them on a central location.

(You can read further information to HADES here and more information to HCC here.)